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  • History

    Natalia Chevtchenko has been teaching violin for over 30 years. She studied violin with renowned Professor Mark Zinger and graduated from the Odessa Music College with Bachelors of Arts in Violin. Additionally, Natalia holds a Masters of Arts from the Odessa State Conservatory of Music, one of the top music conservatories of the Soviet Union.

  • today

    Today, Natalia teaches students in a Thornhill Ontario Studio. Her students have won numerous prestigious awards and competitions including the Richmond Hill Music Festival, Mandarin Lions Arts Festival, Kiwanis, American Guild of Music, and have been recipients of Gold and Silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music.


    Natalia holds a Bachelors of Arts in Violin and a Masters of Arts from the Odessa State Conservatory of Music, is educated as a Suzuki Teacher Trainer from the McGill Conservatory in Montreal Canada, is a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association (ORMTA), and of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

  • Method

    Natalia is a student of the Russian music school, which has produced some of the best performers and educators of our day. Back in the Soviet Union, Natalia was the Head of the Strings Department of a Specialized Music School in Odessa. In the nineties, she immigrated to Canada and continued refining her technique at McGill University.

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  • AGM Contest

    Awards at the American Guild of Music Competition include 5 Gold Medals including: Length of Study, Senior Solo, Pop Music Solo, 19 & Under, Concerto Variations, among numerous others. A special honorable mention for W Chiu: congratulations on outstanding achievements!


    Achievements at the All TV Music Festival and Canadian Music Competition (CANIMEX) include a 3rd place for A Yip (Violin Overall), a 5th place, first round, and provincial round finalists including competition scores of 81.9 and 80.9.

  • ARHM Festival

    Students performing at the Arts Richmond Hill Music Festival were awarded 8 gold medal winners including classes from VN3 to VN31, honorable metnions include A Yip, S Sohn, W Chiu, L Chang, L Fabrizi, T Go, J Broberg, O Law, among numerous others.

  • RCM exams

    Achievements at the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations include 1 gold medal (Congratulations to Ashley) and 3 silver medals for the province of Ontario. Honorable mention goes out to V Law, A Yip, A Sakamoto.


    At the Kiwanis Music Festival and Competition, Natalia's students were awarded with 19 gold medals for grades 1 through 10 Violin solos, sonatas, and concertos.


    Students performing at the Mandarin Lions Arts Festival of Toronto were awarded with 19 gold and 3 silver medals since 2006 for grades 1 through 10. Honorable Mentions include J Chen, L Verbarg, V Law, R Lam, S Sohn, J Mark, D Yueng.


    At the Peel Music Festival and Competition, Natalia's students were awarded with 5 first places including 15 and 7 student ensembles, Violin Grade 9, Duet, Solo, and Violin Grade 3.

  • NYM Festival

    Students performing at the North York Music Festival were honored with 2 first places including grades of 91 and 94, a second, and third place in citiwide competitions.

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